About Us

Like most of our clients, we discovered the island on a family holiday many years ago. It is hard to explain just what makes the island of Menorca so different, so special, but one thing is certain: everyone who comes to Menorca is spellbound by the leisurely pace, the unforgettable landscapes, the magic. Our commitment to Menorca’s unique character has been central to the launch of our Club.

We are professional decorators with a long career in the high-end hotel business, as owners and managers of boutique hotels and exclusive rental villas and auditors of exclusive hotel clubs. So it felt natural to invest all that experience and our vision of the travel business with an offering limited to a selection of superior holiday villas in this corner of the Mediterranean.

MENORCASELECT is not just another holiday rental company.  It’s a club for those who wish to share our fascination with the island and enjoy it in a way that’s different, less standard, less predictable. An experience that begins with a house that’s comfortable, well-equipped and stylishly decorated, where every detail is designed to help make your stay special. Add to that our personalised customer care services, adapted to the needs of each client, a valuable information package to help you make the most of your stay —where we like to eat, shop, swim, walk, etc.— and special conditions negotiated for our clients with trusted service providers for your airport transfers, car hire and holiday activities. Menorca takes care of the rest, with its outstanding beauty and tranquillity.

We’ve always wondered why holiday rental homes can’t be fully and tastefully furnished, but our high standards go beyond the mere aesthetics: why not sleep on a good-quality mattress or sunbathe on a comfortable lounger, have the use of elegant, modern kitchen and tableware, and watch TV on the latest flat screen set? At Menorcaselect we are pleased to offer our clients affordable luxury: our rates are very reasonable and comparable to other travel products whose standards are significantly lower. Of course, there are lots of spectacular houses to rent in Menorca, some even more exclusive than the ones we offer, but only a very few can match the class and style of our villas and our detailed and attentive client service. Sought-after locations, dazzling views, exclusive surroundings, and a friendly and professional team on hand throughout your stay —everything you need to turn just another holiday into an unforgettable experience.