The island will gradually shake off its winter lassitude as this year’s early spring gives way to summer. In a few short months, the beach car parks will be buzzing with cars and people, and that’s what makes a weekday walk to one of our favourite unspoiled coves so special. Almost nobody about on this deliciously warm April morning, nothing but the sound of the waves, the sunshine between the clouds, and the pine-clad cliffs surrounding the white sand and incredible turquoise waters of the Cala Mitjana bay.

To get there, we started out at the top of Cala Galdana and took the footpath through a delightful holm oak forest. At the end of the path, between Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta, we turned onto the old road and let the birdsong and the high sandstone cliffs alter our perception of time and space for a few minutes, wrapped in the silence and tranquillity.

And then the beautiful cove, all to ourselves and a lucky few more. Summer will bring hordes of day-trippers to this slice of paradise in search of the best Instagram-friendly spots, to go with shots of the panoramic views from the El Toro mount, or the sunset from Sa Cova d’en Xoroi. Customers and friends from all around the world will soon be arriving too, right now they are counting down the weeks until they arrive on the island, when they can shake off the mist, rain, cold and darkness of winter and plunge into the light and the clear waters of Menorca in summer.

We are working hard to ensure that our villas are pristine and ready for the coming season, but today we allowed ourselves a morning of pure relaxation. One of the songs we listened to as we sat looking out to sea: “Misread” by Kings of Convenience, from the 2004 album Riot on an Empty Street.

A romantic getaway in spring

It is said that February is the month of love. When will you come to Menorca with your partner? … April is a lovely season for a romantic getaway to our little Mediterranean paradise.

Without the crowds or the excessive heat of summer, Menorca unfolds all its beauty in spring: close your eyes and think of a lonely beach, the sound of waves that meekly embrace the sand, a vibrant blue sky, wild flowers that flood the fields with color. Ideal temperature, walks, baths in the sea, dinners under the stars. A stop along the way to come back full of good vibrations, memories and photos of wonderful places to share.

Music to listen together while you plan your next trip to the island: On the Beach, Chris Rea ( On the beach Album, 1986)

Winter in Menorca

The first entry in our blog…We are very excited to be opening up this imaginary window onto the island, and look forward to sharing moments, experiences, memories, stories and places with you – our clients and friends from around the world. But we want to share more than just Menorca with you, we also want to talk about the things that we are passionate about: travelling, gastronomy, cinema, art, music, literature, photography, interior design , nature…Life!

Winter in Menorca: the island closes down. Days are shorter, and people stop carrying out their usual activities. Many of our favourite restaurants are closed during the low season. It becomes dark early, the sea smacks against the cliffs with unusual violence, whilst also smashing the decks of the boats moored in the harbour.

The freezing cold Tramontana wind crosses through this virtually flat island, having arrived from Siberia, through the Rhône Valley and the Gulf of Lion in France. Did you know that there are 8 other types of wind that blow through this incredible Air Island?: Gregal, Llevant, Xaloc, Migjorn, Llebeig, Ponent and Mestral !

Throughout all of this, the sun peeks out timidly through the clouds. Walking over to Cap de Favaritx, we are enchanted with the ever-changing scene in front of us: the colours and sounds, which permeate the air with a mystical aura. Back in Mahón, we can entertain ourselves by shopping at the Claustre del Carme stalls, buying fresh fish at the Mercat del Peix, followed by some wine and tapas with friendly people who enjoy good conversation and who are in no hurry. It is at this time, that Menorca regains its identity and slow pace, far from the high season stress (for the particular parameters of this island always calm, even in August). And there is all the time in the world for exploring it differently, without any cars, nor fixed timetables.

And the day ends. Music to relax with while we watch the storm brewing in the distance, as well as a majestic sunset over the sea, while tasting an aromatic Matcha tea, surrounded by the absolute calm of this small corner of the Mediterranean: Jack Brymer & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s rendition of Clarinet Concerto in A Major K 622 Adagio by WA Mozart.

Photo by Joan Mercadal, Menorcafoto

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