Why choose Menorca for your next holiday with family or friends?…You’ll find plenty of reasons in any travel guide or blog. Images of incredible places, recommendations, memories, special moments, and always the same words that evoke the essence of this lovely island: tranquillity, relaxation, nature, light, sun, sea and calm.

We don’t want to go deep into the kind of detail you can read anywhere; you know the kind of thing. Menorca has more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza put together, for example.  Or that UNESCO declared the island a Biosphere Reserve in 1993 for its harmonious management of its natural resources, the diversity of its Mediterranean habitats and conservation of its nature reserves, and its coast dotted with outstanding, unspoilt coves. Or that the picturesque port of Maó, its banks full of lively terraces and elegant historical buildings, is the largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean.

We just want you to write your own story about this glorious island. You have to live it and feel it to fully appreciate all the civilisations that have contributed to Menorca’s fascinating historical heritage and shaped its unique character, from the emblematic Talayotic culture to the remains of the Phoenician Nura, the Greek Meloussa, the Roman Minorica or the Arab Menurka, the stunning Renaissance palaces at Ciutadella, and the architectural influence of the British, whose bow-fronted houses and sash windows can be seen all over the island. You have to bathe in the unbelievably clear, turquoise waters of a solitary cove;  walk the coastal path along the cliffs (the breath-taking Camí de Cavalls) and take in the panoramic views;  join in the centuries-old traditional fiestas, dominated by the beautiful black Menorquín horses and refreshing glasses of pomada (Menorca gin and lemonade); watch the sunset from a lighthouse and explore the villages of the interior; and delight in the simplicity and accessibility of the landscape, where a whitewashed house, a palm tree, a dry stone wall or a rustic wild-olive wood gate against the backdrop of the sea and a green carpet of indigenous vegetation, celebrate the essence of the Mediterranean way of life.

Or just give in to the leisurely pace the Menorca natives have made into an art form. Menorca is the perfect place for restoring your balance, far from stress, noise and bustle, a safe and secure island to enjoy with your children, take walks by the sea, sunbathe by the pool with a good book and a glass of Menorcan wine, or go diving, sailing or horse-riding. And savour Menorca’s surprising gastronomy, a fundamental part of the sensory experience. Mediterranean cuisine is the basis of a staggeringly varied offering that includes huge seafood dishes like the famous lobster stew, excellent risottos and rock fish, seaside taverns and vintage bars with delicious traditional and creative tapas, legendary terraces and temples of signature cuisine whose origins, technique and sheer quality of ingredients forge an irresistible link with the surroundings, while the boats rest lazily on the sea under the starry sky of a summer’s night.

We would love to be a part of your voyage of discovery!